The Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Program for Environmental Sciences (PMPCA acronym in Spanish)  is offering postgraduate courses with the options of Master as well as PhD programs.

The PMPCA was created as a multidisciplinary postgraduate program, several entities are involved: Faculties of Chemistry, Engineering, Medicine, Social Sciences and Humanities and Agronomy. Further the Institutes for Metallurgy, Geology and the Center for Research in Arid Land Zones. The specialization and research of the PMPCA focuses on five core themes: Prevention and Control, Environmental Assessment, Renewable Natural Resources, Environmental Management and Integrated Environmental Health.

For further information please visit: http://ambiental.uaslp.mx/pmpca

 Maestria en Ciencias Ambientales 

Main objective of this Master Environmental Sciences is the formation of highly qualified professionals and academics able to think in complex environmental systems having developed the ability to integrate their knowledge in a multidisciplinary context. Working together in interdisciplinary research projects, the students are confronted with the methodology of the specific scientific approaches of natural, social and engineering sciences.

In July 2006, the master program was incorporated in the PNP (National Postgraduate Program Registry) of CONACYT and in 2011 renewed the accreditation.

To know more about the program structure of the Master of Sciences at PMPCA please visit the website: www.ambiental.uaslp.mx/pmpca/


The Agenda Ambiental was established in 1998 at the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí in order to coordinate the multiple environmental activities at the UASLP. Sustainable development and environmental rehabilitation have been topics within the agenda of the UALSP since the 50s when the “Instituto de Investigación en Zonas Desérticas” was founded. At current, more than 40 environmental multidisciplinary research projects are conducted at the UALSP.

The Agenda Ambiental promotes the horizontal collaboration among the academic and administrative units with the aim to represent the entire environmental perspective of the University and to incorporate it to the graduate and postgraduate curricula.

For further information please visit: www.ambiental.uaslp.mx/educacion

Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí (UASLP)

The Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi (UASLP) is one of the leading higher education institutions in the state of San Luis Potosí and one of the finest public education institution in the country. Its leadership is a result of the wide range of educational, student sector care , national and international relevance of their research, training quality professionals with social relevance and their curricula in line with the demands of a changing society

Since its founding, the UASLP has fostered a culture of quality that has led to significant achievement and recognition has generated a legitimate national strengths have been enhanced in an environment of stable and harmonious labor, which allows to develop new ideas and resolve natural differences in an organization as diverse as the university.

For further information please visit: www.uaslp.mx/

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