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Since its start in 2008, more than 207 master students have participated in the Double Degree Master Programme „Environment and Resources Management – ENREM“.
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Our Alumni

The number of alumni until October 2020 will be 182. 
Our  ENREM alumni

Our Alumni activities

The alumni work of the Double Degree Master Program ENREM is embedded in the overall concept of the TH Köln and the UASLP as well as the ITT and PMPCA.

The main focus of ENREM alumni work is the development of a network or exchange between the alumni and current students (ENREM, ITT and PMPCA). The essential building blocks are:

Alumni report - The Challenge of Reintegration: Since 2013 Alumni have been reporting on their time at university and life after graduation. In this context, questions about their career, their position in companies or stumbling blocks on the way to their goal were discussed.

Alumni seminar and regional meetings: The aim of the Alumni seminars and regional meetings is to bring the alumni up to the latest state of knowledge for the professional training and to expand your the networks of the alumni. 

Below is a list of organized Alumni Seminars or  regional meetings in the framework of the Double Degree Master Program ENREM: 

 Alumni Seminar LAC 2021 1 1

2021: “Eco-innovative Entrepreneurs in Latin America and the Caribbean

We are happy to announce our Alumni Seminar 2021!
Registrations open until May 17th.  
 2ENREM 10 jahre

 2018: 10 Years of Impact: Double Degree Master's Program "Environment and Resources Management – ENREM" Focus Latin America 

 Alumni 2017 Costa Rica

2017:“Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Latin America: Translating Paris“ under the educational concept "Blended - Learning”(online phase and attendance phase). The attendance phase took place in Costa Rica from 06.-10.11.2017. Participants: 32 alumni from ENREM and ITT. Funding: DAAD.  

 Alumni 2015 Bogota

2015: "Sustainable Leadership for Natural Resources and Regional Sustainable Development" in Colombia from 26.-29.11.2015 for 22 alumni from both institutions ITT and PMPCA, who work in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela and Colombia (Andean countries). Funding: DAAD. 

 Research Symposium 2015

2015:"Research Symposium Environmental Sciences" in San Luis Potosí from 02.-03.12.2015 for ENREM Alumni who work or live in Mexico The goal of this meeting was to promote scientific exchange between alumni and students. Funding: DAAD and CONACYT. 

Alumni 2014 Mexico 2014: "Environment, Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Development Goals for Latin America" under the educational concept "Blended - Learning” (online phase and attendance phase). The attendance phase took place in San Luis Potosí from 01.-05.09.2014. Participants: 34 alumni (ENREM and CNRD) and 31 ENREM active students from San Luis Potosí and Cologne. Funding: DAAD and CONACYT.

Other ITT Alumni seminars in Cologne, where ENREM graduates participated:

- 2018: "Knowledge-to-Practice" Steps to Promote Sustainable Development Goals” in Cologne
- 2013: Rio+20: From recommendation to Practice – regional showcases for implementation” in Cologne