Alumni Seminar 2021
“Eco-Innovation Entrepreneurs
in Latin America and the Caribbean" 

  • Are you a graduate of ITT Master Programs (graduated 2009 and after) and interested in innovative approaches?
  • Do you think out-of the box, needs-oriented and entrepreneurial?
  • Do you consider yourself a relevant actor at local or regional level in social or environmental innovation?
  • Does your present professional work and interest focus on Latin America?
  • Do you want to learn how to develop impactful business ideas and potentially green enterprises?

 We welcome you to participate in our Latin American Alumni Seminar 2021!

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The business contribution of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to achieving the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development will depend on the qualities, visions, competences, new capabilities, and innovative mindsets of “eco-entrepreneurs”. This type of economic activity includes the introduction of innovative environmental solutions which can be any new or improved product (good or service), process, organizational change, or marketing solution that reduces the use of natural resources (including materials, energy, water, and land) and decreases the negative environmental impact across the whole product life cycle.

Tackling environmental problems requires creative thinking but also collaboration. Through our seminar you will have the chance to expand your current network while working together with like-minded and motivated Alumni, as well as getting inspired by experts and pioneers in the field.

The main focus of our seminar lies on the development of high potential business ideas for environmental solutions, the validation process of such solutions in the market and the design of viable business models.

The seminar is divided into an online phase and an attendance phase in San Luis Potosí, México, following the concept of blended-learning:

Online Phase 1 (End of May – Middle of August)
The online phase is open to practitioners in resources management with a focus on Latin America.
In this stage, you will be guided through a specialized online course, webinars, group-work, coaching sessions, and expert sessions. You will learn the needed skills to develop business ideas for the environmental sector, as well as drafting the respective business models for high-potential business ideas. The first online phase will end with the preparation of a pitch- deck and holding an oral pitch.

Online Phase 2 (End of August – End of October)
The online phase 1 is followed by an evaluation and approximately 15 - 25 candidates will be selected to participate in the online phase 2 and attendance phase.
Once you are among the successful candidates, you will be expected to validate your business ideas and models through initial market testing (e.g. through prototyping).
The seminar’s structure in this phase will be based on guided self-study and joint feedback and coaching sessions (individual and small group interventions).

Attendance Phase (6 days in November, in San Luis Potosí, Mexico; the exact date is to be confirmed)
Depending on the pandemic situation by late summer 2021 we would like to invite the selected candidates to an attendance phase. México. Alternatively, this phase will also take place online.
In coordination with experts and partners the main activities will include an intense face-to-face training in which you will learn how to refine your business models and develop a pilot project concept. By the end of the training phase, you will pitch your solution and pilot concept in a workshop.

Post-Event Evaluation Phase (November - December)
You will prepare results of the attendance phase for a booklet.


  • The online phases is free of charge.
  • For the attendance phase, please note that only nationals of DAC listed countries and Germans, who currently live and work in Latin America can receive funding for flight and accommodation including breakfast.

Registrations open until May 17th

Registration form here.

The ITT Alumni Seminar 2021 is financed by the DAAD - BMZ and is organized by ITT, PMPCA and CEWAS.

We look forward to see you in the online phase and to guide you through a promising seminar with the Alumni network!