documents required

Enrolling at CUAS

All students will have to submit the following documentation for the inscription at the beginning of the first semester, you will receive the respective information from your German course coordination.

All documents required for the inscription at TH Köln have to be in English or German, or translated by an official translator.

Original document   Original document 
Original document with apostille required   Show the original document with apostille
Photocopy   Photocopy
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Inscription form
Original filled-out inscription form
Original document Original document
Bachelor’s Degree Certificate 
Certificate of completion of the bachelor studies
Original document Photocopy Original document with apostille required Original document Photocopy
Proof of Final Grade
Certificate where the final average grade of bachelor can be observed
(if not visible on the bachelor degree or transcript records an official letter from the university can be submitted)
Original document Photocopy Original document with apostille required -
Bachelor Transcript Record
Transcript record of all the courses undertaken during the bachelor, including the final grade obtained for each course
Original document Photocopy Original document with apostille required Original document Photocopy
High School Certificate
High school education certificate
(bachillerato, secundaria, high school, abitur, etc.)
Original document Photocopy  Original document Photocopy
High School Transcript
High school transcript record of the courses undertaken (at least the last three years)
Original document Photocopy  -
Proof of English
Photocopy of a valid English proficiency test
(TOEFL or equivalent)

Original document Photocopy Original document Photocopy
Birth Certificate
Copy of the original birth certificate
(no translation is required)
Original document Photocopy Original document Photocopy
Copy of the passport page containing your personal information (photo, nationality, birth date, etc.)
Original document Photocopy Original document Photocopy
Passport Photo
Onecolor passport-size photograph (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm)
Original document Original document
Letter of Intend
Original letter of intend compromising to be be a fulltime student (free format)
Original document Original document
Scholarship Contract
Copy of the official notification that the student has been awarded a scholarship by CONACyT or DAAD
Original document Photocopy Original document Photocopy
Health Insurance
Copy of the health insurance for Germany 
Original document Photocopy  
Insurance Certificatfrom a official German Health Insurance for enrollment at the University
  Original document Photocopy


Once you submitted all documents, you will be enrolled in TH Köln and after some days you will receive a confirmation and your student ID as well as information details about the payment of the semester fee.

You will also receive some documents from the Campus IT about the Campus ID and your email account. With your personal Campus ID you will get access to specific IT-services, for example WLAN, VPN, ILIAS and the e-Library. For more information please refer to the VPN guideline or have a look at http://www.campus-it.th-koeln.de.