Master Thesis


During the first semester, the student defines the topic for the master thesis and  the co-directors from PMPCA and ITT.

In the second semester, the students define the master thesis theme with the tutelary committee, start to work on their master thesis (literature research, first discussion about the objective, study area and methodology) and prepare the master thesis proposal seminar in Spanish for PMPCA and a written proposal with a maximum of 3000 words for the German co-director. The tutelary committee consists of three professors; at least one from UASLP, one from TH Köln and one assessor (who could be external or internal to the PMPCA-ITT).

Third semester for the continuation and progress of the Master Thesis, discussion of thesis concept and field research (objectives, the sepecific study area, methods, expected outcome, work plan and analysis of the first data) as well as prepare the master thesis advanced proposal.

The fourth semester is dedicated to your field research, writing your master thesis and making the examination. Each university has different examination regulations regarding the master thesis. In order to avoid the double submission and to defend the thesis twice, TH Köln and UASLP agreed to a common procedure related to the examination of the thesis.


The examination can take place at the Institute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT) or at the Agenda Ambiental (PMPCA) in one of the two examination periods.

For the examination we have two modalities:

-   presencial, if the complete tutelary committee and the student are at the same place, or

-   virtual, if the student and his tutelary committiee are in diff erent places; here it is necessary to use the videoconference equipment (IP-IP or Adobe Connect).

The modality and the defense date are of the responsibility of the Comité Tutelar and the student.

Each university has different examination regulations regarding the master thesis. The examination regulations of each university can be downloaded using the following links:

-   ITT:

-   PMPCA:



According to the end of the CONACyT scholarship at the end of July and the official end of the fourth semester at ITT, the Coordinating Committee of the programme has proposed two periods to present the examination for students at mid of July (16 - 21) and end of August (25 - 31) each year.