Selection Process 


1. Application Deadline: January 31st  

The complete set of documents has to be sent digitally BEFORE the application deadline, at the latest 23:59 (Mexico time). The selection process will be performed based on the sent application documents. Incomplete applications may lead to an exclusion.

2. Shortlist Candidate Selection

The selection committee from both Universities, TH Köln and UASLP, will review the received applications and analyze which applicants comply with ALL the acceptance requirements. The available positions for each intake are limited and will be given by priority to outstanding applicants.

3. Interviews: February - March 

In order to make a final evaluation of the attributes of each candidate the Shortlist Candidates will be interviewed by telephone or Skype by the TH Köln or UASLP selection committee. The interview will be conducted in Spanish and English

4. Selection of Candidates for the program: March  

The selection committee will meet in order to make a final selection of candidates based on their application documents, skills and performance during the interview. A limited group of students will be selected to receive a CONACyT or DAAD scholarships based on the specifically criteria of the scholarship-holders.

5. Notification of Acceptance: March 21st

The candidates accepted into the ENREM international master program will be notified via email.  

6. Confirmation of Participation: until March 28th

The selected candidates will have to confirm their participation in the master program by sending a signed letter of acceptance. If a candidate does not wish to participate in the master program we would appreciate a quick response notifying the declination of participation. This way another candidate can be assigned a place within the program.

7. Registration for Scholarship:

DAAD: DAAD should be sent you after April 20th the information about the procedure and deadline for the registration of the scholarship. 

CONACYT: PMPCA should be sent you an information about the procedure and deadline. After the inscription of the first semester at the UASLP, the students will apply for the scholarship CONACYT with the coordinator of the master at PMPCA.

8. Beginning of Semester in San Luis Potosí: August 15th

All students are required to arrive in San Luis Potosí, Mexico prior to the beginning of the semester and report their arrival in the Agenda Ambiental, UASLP.


Application deadline for scholarship and non-scholarship applicants: Every year January 31st 



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