Documents Required


Only complete applications will be considered!

The following table contains detailed information on the required documents and how they should be submitted. Please place CLOSE ATTENTION to the information provided and be careful when naming your files.

The prepared ZIP file with your filled-out application form and required documentation must be sent via E-mail to the following both  email addresses:

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please do not send hard copies of the application form. 

Applications sent via email or hard-copy to the DAAD or CONACYT cannot be considered during the selection process.

The same requested documents will be used to apply for a place at the program ENREM and apply for a scholarship nomination.

Please review the naming scheme for the application documents provided  below the following table

01 Application ENREM Application Form
Complete application in English (signed).
For Study place and CONACYT-Scholarship
* The CV must have a signature (important)
01A ApplicationDAAD  
(only for DAAD-Scholarships)
DAAD Application Form
Complete application in English (signed).
For application to DAAD-Scholarship you must be submitted both Application Forms (ENREM and DAAD).
* Only for DAAD-Scholarships
* The application form must have a hand signature (important)
* Please do not include degrees and certificates attachments with the DAAD Application form
02  MotivationLetter Motivation letter (1 page).
- Why you want to study this Master Program in relation to your previous experiences / education? (One Paragraph)
- What is your professional goal after obtaining your Master´s degree and how will the master program contribute to this? (One Paragraph)
- Which three main benefits you expect to gain from the program and which three main contributions you could make to the program? (List)
- Why do you think you should be selected? (List five arguments of personal characteristics)

* The motiviation must have a hand signature (important)
* German applicants and native English speakers are expected to express in English and Spanish, all others in English
*Only DAAD Applicants: When applying for more than one DAAD-EPOS postgraduate course, you have to submit a second motivation letter explaining why you are applying for these specific courses and why you chose that priority
03  ProjectIdea Project Idea (2 pages)
- Description of a potential research you want to pursue during your master thesis that matches the subject, content and areas of PMPCA and the Master NRM at ITT, your own skills, as well as your future professional interests.
- The subject must be of importance regarding the current scientific discussion.
- The proposal should should be written scientifically correct (e.g. structure, citation, data quality, sources, consistency) and including 5 keywords.

* To be written in English and it must have a signature (important)

* This project does not necessarily represent the final thesis project.
04  DegreeBachelor
Bachelor Degree
Bachelor’s degree (normally four years) in a related subject.

* Only for DAAD-Scholarships: The last academic degrees should normally not be more than six years old.
05  TranscriptBachelor Transcript of Academic Records - Bachelor Degree
Official certificate of all the courses that you have completed, including information about the number of credits and the grades you have got.
06 ConstanciaPromBa Final Grade Average of Bachelor Degree
Final grade average obtained in your higher education studies with an official certificate or letter describing the grading scale used by your institution. This document should include the minimum and maximum possible scores, as well as the score required to pass a course.
07 HihgSchool High School Certificate
High school education certificate (Abitur, Bachillerato, Secundaria, High School, etc.)
08A CV

[Europass Website]
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae in English using the Europass format with photo

* The CV must have a hand signature (important)
* Please do not include degrees and certificates attachments in the CV
08B ProofExperience Certificate(s) of Employment/Internship
Certificate of employment or Internship that include the exact position and the specific activities as well as period of the activity.

* The Certificate(s) of Employment must have a letterhead, a signature and an official stamp (seal) and must be of recent date
* Not more than 3 certificates
* Requirement for DAAD: two years of (relevant) work experience
08C ConfirmationEmp
(only for DAAD-Scholarships)
Confirmation of employment
Confirmation from the employer in your home country and if possible, a guarantee of re-employment upon your return home.
* Only for DAAD-Scholarships
Proof of English Proficiency

(Test of English as a Foreign Language, USA) 
Internet based Test version (iBT):
   At least 79 points
* NOTE: We don’t accepted TOEFL ITP and TOEFL MyBest Scores
IELTS: (International English Language Testing System, UK)
 - Academic Version: at least level 6.0
Cambridge: First (FCE) certificate
- Scale score: 160 -190 (CEFR: B2)
* Scores must be no more than 3 years old
* Required for ALL applicants 
09B Spanish Proof of Spanish Proficiency
 - Certificate of language course
 - Extended period of time living, studying or working (internship is possible) in a Spanish speaking country:
 As a proof of proficiency a letter from the company/organization detailing the time period of the activity and confirming that Spanish was the main working language would be an advantage

* Required ONLY for applicants whose nationality does NOT have Spanish as a mother language.
09C German
Proof of German Proficiency 
- Certificate of language course or exam 
* Not obligatory only if you have
10  Recommendation_01
Two Recommendation Letters
from your university and/or from your employer
Requirement for DAAD Scholarship:
- 1 letter of recommendation from your university and 
- 1 professional letter of recommendation from your employer (requirement for DAAD Scholarship)
* IMPORTANT: The letters in a free format must have a signature and official stamp (seal) and must be of recent data (not in a sealed envelope)
11 BirthCert Birth Certificate
Copy of the original birth certificate
*No translation is required
12 Passport Passport
Passport page that contains the applicant's photo, nationality, birth date and other official details.
Professional License 
(in Spanish cédula professional) 
Professional License
Applies only for Mexicans 
- Optional for application
- At time of inscription at UASLP, proof of application for Professional License has to be delivered(obligatory)

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The files submitted should be in PDF format. You will be able to find many FREE PDF converters online, please use the one you feel more comfortable with. Each document or series of documents should be named using the scheme below:

Document No_Label_ApplicationYear_NationalityISO_ApplicantInitials (first and last names)

For example, the motivation letter of Eduardo Javier Lopez Martinez in 2016 from Mexico should be named: 

Once all documents are ready they should be compressed into ONE SINGLE ZIP FILE(several files in case of email limitations) using your prefered compression software and be named using the following scheme:

ENREM_ApplicationYear_NationalityISO_ApplicantInitials (first and last names)

In the case of Eduardo Javier Lopez Martinez from Mexico applying in 2016 the file should be named:

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Application deadline for scholarship and non-scholarship applicants: Every year January 31st 



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