Organization Structure

The Double Degree Master Program ENREM offers support and assistance to students and alumni during their whole academic career before, within, and after the program.

Coordination committee

The Scientific coordination is guaranteed by the Coordination Committee (CoCo). It is the central institution of the ENREM Master Program and consists of 10 representatives (professors, scientific and administrative staff) from both partner institutions, responsible for the implementation and management of the ENREM program. They assure coherence in curricular development, the mutual recognition, coordination and information exchange between students and lecturers, and coordinate Latin American/German/European network of universities, donors and other stakeholders.  

Program Coordination

The program coordinators on either side support and guide students in scientific questions, the organization of their master thesis (selection of adequate academic tutors and supervisors) and team projects, making sure that the program can be fulfilled by the students in due time and form. Furthermore, organizational and logistic issues, such as homepage design and marketing and financial management are in the responsibility of the scientific coordination.

Student services

The student-services staff in each university provides advice to the students, starting during the pre-application process (e.g. answers general questions about the study, application or documents) and at arrival in both countries (bureaucratic processes, including application for residence at the registrations office, opening bank accounts, visa issues, insurance and finding accommodation) and also organizes cultural and social events (e.g. country presentations).


The members of the “Comité Tutelar” from each institution are responsible for the supervision of the students’ master thesis. This team of tutors discusses the individual learning objectives of the students in relation to their master ambitions, guides their focus of study and course selection and introduces the students to relevant academic and potential networks.

Advisory committee

The Advisory Committee (AC) is constituted by high ranking experts with an ample experience in the fields of research, education, development cooperation and the private sector. It supports and advices the Master Program Coordination Committee in taking further actions and strategies regarding the quality of the program such as its content, financial sustainability and market orientation. The Advisory Committee meets once a year in San Luis Potosí or in Cologne.