The academic personnel of PMPCA consist of 44 professors. Furthermore there are other professors of the different faculties and research institutes at UASLP. The PMPCA maintains the yearly enrollment of MSc and PhD students.

The professors are divided into the five research areas or specializations from PMPCA.  Further information about the professors and the research topics can be obtained at:


TH Köln - ITT 

The ITT consists of 6 professors and 7 senior researchers, who coordinate the given modules at ITT and can be chosen as co-directors of the thesis. Furthermore ITT counts with various invited professors from Germany and other counterpart universities of the ITT.

For more information about the professors, senior research and their background please visit the "Staff" section on the ITT website:

ITT‘s research and teaching is organized in seven chairs in an interdisciplinary environment working on three core research lines.

Research ITT

The ITT is an applied research and teaching institute with a problem oriented and stakeholder centered research strategy. Its research follows a holistic approach, which jointly considers biophysical, environmental, economic and social issues. In its research structure, the ITT integrates different disciplines and methods in adequate platforms for the analysis and development of natural resources management solutions. The main regional focuses are the countries of the Tropics and Subtropics.