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While the Latin American and Caribbean Countries (LAC) experience a strong economic development, concerns on environmental degradation and contamination are continuously growing. The region faces serious challenges such as population growth, rapid urbanization and industrialization processes, which require effi cient environmental policies and programmes with respect to the sustainable management of natural resources.


The overall objective is to create qualified graduates from Germany and Latin America that are aware of key issues related to the environment and resource management in an international and regional context.

Graduates would be aware of the political, society, and economic framework at a regional and global level that plays a role for environmental and resources management decision making.

Preparing Students for their future career

ENREM prepares students for

  • Research: Leading to a PhD study to later be emplyed at a university or research centre. 
  • Professional career: Preparing students for a job position at an institution dealing with the field of the environment and resources management; either a NGO, an internationational institution, or governmental organization.

The module selection during the second and third semester will be according to the students future aspirations and career orientation. Furthermore, the master thesis can help students develop their skills even further. The thesis can be done as a basic research or performed along the guidelines from one of the several ongoing projects of the hosting institutions (ITT - FH Köln / PMPCA - UASLP).


After the successful completion of the ENREM Master Programme the graduates will be able to:

  • Portray and understand current issues related to the environment at a regional and international level, as well as working with complex environmental systems defined by natural, socio-economic, institutional, legal and political aspects.
  • Identify and analyse environmental problems using a systematic approach and the use of appropiate tools regarding the specific situation.
  • Develop and implement adequate solutions to environmental and resources problems.
  • Consider a hollistic approach to provide solutions that combines technical, socio-economic, natural environment and human dimensions.
  • Act in an international cooperation environment in the field of resources management and nature preservation; being familiar with the mechanisms and structures that involves such a field.

Application Deadline

NEW application deadline for Germans and EU-Applicants: Mai 15th 2019

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